Cutting Competitors Rules, Entry and Show Info

∗ All participating cutting owners and riders must be members of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA).  Please submit a photocopy of all required NCHA membership cards (owner and rider) with entries.

∗ NCHA rules for judging will be followed.

∗ By signing the entry form all cutting competitors confirm that they possess a current NCHA membership, all non pros confirm that they possess a current NCHA non pro card and amateurs a current NCHA amateur card.

∗ A horse may be entered in either or both Open and Non Pro with the same or a different rider in each division.

∗ Practice cattle - sign up for the practice pen when you arrive at Silverslate Arena.  Please have a signed blank cheque payable to the Canadian Spectacular to hand to practice pen personnel the first time you enter the practice pen.  Practice flags will be available on the grounds and will only be supplied by the Canadian Spectacular.  No other practice flags will be permitted anywhere on the grounds. Priorities for the practice pen will be 2 herds before competitors show, the all other practices will be based on first come first serve.  The practice pen will be open at 6:00 am each day.

∗ All cutting classes will be supplied with three head of fresh cattle per work.

∗ All 3 Yr Old cutting competitors will automatically advance to the 2nd go.

∗ All other cutting classes (4 Yr Old and Older) – only the top 70% will advance to the 2nd go.

 ∗ Amateur entries – only the top 70% will advance to the 2nd go.  Champions to be determined by the aggregate score of the 2 go-rounds.

 ∗ $200K Open Classes – only the top 70% will advance to the 2nd go.  Champions to be determined by the aggregate score of the 2 go-rounds.

∗ Canadian Breeders Stakes Futurity Classes – Must state Canadian breeder on registration papers. only the top 70% will advance to the 2nd go.  Champions to be determined by the aggregate score of the 2 go-rounds.

 ∗ Non Pro 7 Up Cutting – 1 go and finals, champions to be determined by the score of the finals. 30% will advance to the Finals

∗ Judges scores of 120 or less will not advance to the next go (except for the 3 year old classes).

 ∗ There will not be an additional cattle fee to advance to the finals.

∗ Cutting Cross Entries will pay the full add back and full office & cattle fee for the first class entered and full add back and $300 for office & cattle fee for each additional class entered.

           Open Cutting, #2 Limited Open Cutting 3YO $200K

           Canadian Breeders Stakes Open Futurity  

 Non Pro Cutting 3 Yr Old

 Canadian Breeders Stakes Non Pro Futurity  

 Open Cutting Derby, #5 Limited Open Cutting Derby 4YO $200K

 Non Pro Cutting Derby, #7 $50K Amateur Derby Class

 Open Classic Challenge & #9 Limited Open Classic Challenge $200K

 Non Pro Classic Challenge Cutting & #11 $50K Amateur Classic Challenge Class

Show Information  

NCHA rules will be strictly enforced especially rule 35(b) Zero Tolerance.

∗ A Photocopy of the Horses Registration papers and Payment must be submitted with the entry form.  If payment is not received by the time the draws are done you will not be entered in the class.

* It is the responsibility of each competitor to be ready to show at the appropriate time

∗ Proper Western attire, including cowboy hat, cowboy boots, long sleeve button up shirts and denim jeans, must be worn in the competition pen at all times.

 ∗ Stall fees include shavings.  

∗ Pre draws will be held at noon Sept 19 and posted by 5:00pm the same day on the website:

*Champion and sponsor photos & videos, taken by the official show photographers/videographers, are property of the Canadian Spectacular and may be used in advertising, publications, website, etc. to promote the show.  By signing the entry form you give the Canadian Spectacular permission to use the photos/videos as stated.


Online entries available at web site:

All entry forms and entry fees must be received in the Canadian Spectacular office by Sept 1, 2021.  Each Entry received after Sept 1, 2021 and before Sept 10th 2021 will be charged a $200 Late Penalty fee.  Returned Cheques and mail received after the deadline will not be considered timely payment and late fees will apply.

Champion, Reserve Champion and Finalist Awards in all Classes.


ENTRY REFUND POLICY: If an entry is cancelled, all fees will be forfeited.  No refunds shall be given except in the event of the death or a disabling injury to a horse.  The owner of said horse must provide written verification of such from a Veterinarian.  Any veterinary fees will be the responsibility of the horse owner.  If the owner provides written verification after Sept 1, 2020 but prior to September 10th, the owner will be refunded the add back portion of the entry fees and the judges fee (if applicable).  After September 10th, no refunds will be given.  Failure to meet the above requirements will result in forfeiture of all entry fees.

SUBSTITUTION POLICY: After the September 10th deadline an injured horse may be substituted within the class if written verification from an approved Veterinarian is received and a $100 substitution fee is paid.  The substituted horse must belong to the same owner and a copy of the registration certificate must be provided.  If the substitution is received after the draw but prior to the start of the event the substituted horse will work in the original draw position.  




CLASS ENTRY/REPLACEMENT SLOTS: Class Entry/Replacement slots are available if an owner needs to scratch an entry but does not have a horse to substitute in the slot.  This slot may now be sold to another owner that has a horse for that slot.  Class entry/replacement slots cannot change classes or divisions.  Slots may be sold up to 5:00 PM the day before the class starts.  The seller of the slot must submit written confirmation naming the buyer of the slot.  The buyer must submit a completed entry form, a copy of the horse papers and pay the $100 class entry/replacement slot fee prior to 5:00 PM the day before the class starts.  Available slots will be listed on the Canadian Spectacular website. 

TIE BREAKERS:  If there is a tie for first place at any major NCHA event, a work-off, may be held.  The highest score in the work-off determines the champion of the event, with the second highest score being the reserve champion.  However, prize money is equally split between the horses tied for first place regardless of the outcome of the work-off. Tied exhibitors may choose not to run-off, agreeing instead to be named co-champions, but must determine the winner of the awards by a mutually agreed upon tiebreaker such as a flip of a coin.  However, when one exhibitor opts to run-off and the other does not, the exhibitor who declines to run-off will forfeit 1st place to the other(s).      

$200K OPEN CLASS: The competitor entering this class will have NOT won more than $200K in cutting earnings over the last 3 years (2018,2019,2020).

Canadian Breeders Stakes Futurity Classes. Horse must have Canadian Breeder on Registration Papers

I hereby make the following entry subject to the 2021 Canadian Spectacular Rules. The Canadian Spectacular will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury to a competitor, animal or property. Declaration for all non pro/amateur entries: I hear by enter the Non Pro/Amateur Division(s) and attest that I am a Non Pro/Amateur as defined by the NCHA.