Entry Information

Entry forms and Entry Fee deadline September 1st 2020. Must book and pay for stalls and RV with entry.

Enter Online @ www.CanadianSpectacular.com or Mail entries to

Canadian Spectacular, 6025 60A Ave Cres, Innisfail, AB T4G 1V9 Canada.


Payment can be made by cheque or

e-transfer Question: Enter the Owners name  Password: CSLAE2019.

For more information you can contact us at info@canadianspectacular.com 

Or call Connie Down-Cicoria (403)606-9710 or Robin Powell (403)586-3438.


                                       OPEN TO THE WORLD CUTTING CLASSES 2020


Montana Ranch Open Futurity 3 Yr Old                                                                   

Limited Open Futurity 3 Yr Old $200K(must be entered in Open 3 Yr)            

The Matthews Group Non Pro Futurity 3 Yr Old                                                                                           

Open Derby yr Old                                                                                                        

Limited Open Derby 4 Yr Old $200K(must be entered in Open 4 Yr)                  

The Lorrnel Group Non Pro Derby 4 Yr Old                                                                                             

$50,000 Amateur Derby 4 Yr Old                                                                             

Open Classic Challenge 5/6 Yr Old                                                                          

Limited Open CC 5&6 Yr Old $200K(must be entered in Open 5/6 Yr)               

Aerium Analytic's Inc. Non Pro Classic Challenge 5/6 Yr Old                                                                     

$50,000 Amateur Classic Challenge 5/6 yr Old                                                    

Non Pro 7-Up 7 Yr Olds and Older­      



Entry Deadline Sept 1st 2020  

Weekend Classes 2 one day shows. Entry deadline Sept 10th (weekend classes only)

Stalls and RV must be pre booked 


Non Pro

50 000 Amateur 


www.canadianspectacular.com   info@canadianspectacular.com

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$1,000 Added

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$500 Added

$500 Added

$500 Added

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Copperstone Ranch Bill & Deb Hutton

Colin & Michelle Van Den Brink

Classic Performance Horses

Welland Muri

Afab Les & Corrine Jack 


Jim Mann


Lynn & Judy Edge                                  

T & T Gravel, John & Debbie Thomas 

National Transmission, Neil Shanks 

Christopher R. Eggertson CPA 

Smith Cutting Horses, Cody Smith

Brad Tkacik

Gerry & Sandy Hansma

K & K Livestock Co.

Vanee Livestock marketing

Pauli Smith

Scott Brady

Sara Kalke

C5 Ranch